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The need to improve mental health literacy among community pharmacists

by qualitasresearch in Survey studies Comments Off on The need to improve mental health literacy among community pharmacists

Community pharmacists are ideally placed to provide healthcare screening and advice to people with mental health problems. Through risk factor screening, healthy living advice and supporting safe and effective use of psychiatric medication, they can [...]

Qualitas Research

We provide research and consulting services to organizations in Canada. We specialize in social research, survey research, data analysis and evaluation.


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Qualitas Research is a boutique research company based in North Vancouver.

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photo of graph to depict types of data
Data analysis

Types of Data & Levels of Measurement

Types of data There are four types of data: nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio. Nominal and ordinal scales categorise qualitative (categorical) data and interval and ratio scales categorise quantitative (numerical) data.  It’s important to understand […]

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Data analysis

Preparing and cleaning survey data

Why do we clean survey data? We clean data to make sure our data is accurate, high quality, and complete. Otherwise, our conclusions may be inaccurate or biased, and our results may lose credibility and […]

Data analyst writing notes

Combining data from different sources

In this article we consider the benefits and concerns of combining data from different sources. Data can be combined from various sources. We will focus on combining survey data with administrative data. What we’ll cover […]