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Qualitas Research is a boutique research consulting firm based in Vancouver, Canada. We work with organizations in Canada and around the world to find answers to important questions. Our research has helped organizations gain deeper understanding, increase equality, and improve effectiveness. 

Specializing in social research, we have particular expertise in qualitative research and analysis. Much of our work has been in mental health, health promotion, healthcare, education, inclusion, and social and community service sectors.

We have numerous commissioned research reports, conference papers, and peer reviewed academic journal articles. We have managed high-profile and complex research studies, which have influenced policy and practice, and received awards. 


qualitas, qualitatis: character/nature, essential/distinguishing quality/characteristic

Oxford Latin Dictionary, 1982

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Kim Morral

Kim Morral

Research Consultant

Hello! I’m Kim, a freelance researcher and the owner of Qualitas Research Inc. I’m an experienced social researcher, with more than 20 years of professional experience in health, social services and education. I’m a credentialed evaluator with the Canadian Evaluation Society, and the holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and postgraduate qualifications in social sciences and research methods.

I set up my freelance business in 2013, after more than a decade of doing research in non-profit, public and higher education sectors. Most recently I was Senior Researcher in the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences at Leeds Beckett University, in the UK. Since becoming freelance, I’ve completed research projects for numerous organizations, including universities, health authorities, government departments, small non profits and national charities.

Email: kim@qualitasresearch.ca

Connect: LinkedIn | ResearchGate

Caroline Paley

Caroline Paley

Associate Researcher

Caroline has been a researcher since 1999 after gaining a BSc and MSc in Sociology. She first worked at Brighton University in the Health and Social Policy Research Centre, where she was involved in a range of projects. She then worked for the Centre for Health Promotion Research at Leeds Metropolitan University for a number of years. Her research projects include a Help the Aged project about older people and loneliness, evaluations of local Sure Start programmes, and a Department for Transport study about how parents teach their children about road safety. Most recently, she was the Research Officer for the evaluation of the Leeds Independent Living Project (ILP). During these research projects, Caroline used different methods to find out peoples’ views and experiences, including interviews, focus groups, questionnaires, photography, drama and drawing. Caroline has worked with Qualitas Research since 2012.

sam circle

Sam Fuglestad

Associate Research Assistant

Sam has worked as a freelance research assistant since 2006, providing research support to a wide range of clients. She has a degree in Psychology and an Advanced Certificate in Market and Social Research Practice (Market Research Society). Sam specialises in qualitative analysis using frameworks. She has expertise in charting and coding qualitative data collected from interviews and focus groups, in Word, Excel or NVivo. Sam provides a range of other research services such as telephone interviewing, transcribing, preparation of topic guides, tracking survey responses, and coding survey responses.