Kim Morral

Kim Morral

Research Consultant


Tel: 604-243-2530


I am an experienced social researcher with education and training in psychological and social sciences research methods and statistical analysis. With 15 years’ experience of academic and applied research, I have expertise in survey methods (online and postal), qualitative research, program evaluation and qualitative and quantitative data analysis. With substantial experience of working with large data sets, I am proficient in data analysis software including IBM SPSS and NVivo.

I am highly skilled in research design, undertaking fieldwork and data collection, data analysis and interpretation. Experienced in writing for publication, I have under my belt numerous commissioned research reports, conference papers, and a number of peer reviewed academic journal articles.

I am a motivated and professional freelancer with strong project management, organizational and time management skills. I have successfully completed research projects for universities, health authorities, government departments, national charities and non-profit organizations. A rewarding experience for me has been how organizations have used my work to make positive changes to practice, policy and fundraising activities.

In addition to the completion of research projects from start to finish (either working alone or with colleagues), I am also available for individual tasks such as the analysis of quantitative or qualitative data, survey design, writing a literature review, or proofreading an academic paper. In this capacity I work remotely for clients from around the world.

With extensive experience of social and applied research, my research has primarily been in the areas of mental health, health promotion, health and social care, homelessness and social inclusion. Experienced in both quantitative and qualitative research, previous work has included survey design and analysis, qualitative research (including in-depth interviews, observation and focus groups) and mixed methods research. I have a strong track record in undertaking research with ‘hard-to-reach’ groups, and with people with multiple and complex needs.

I have numerous published reports and peer reviewed academic journal papers, and have also worked as an academic peer reviewer. My recent research in mental health has received several awards. My research has been cited in high profile publications including The Guardian and The Observer and has had direct impact on the development of services and policies. My research on homelessness initiated the development of three new specialist projects for older homeless people and helped secure funding to develop them. This work also initiated a small grants programme (Age UK) to support work in this area. An earlier study played a key role in the decision by the UK Department of Health to launch an independent enquiry into the care of older people on acute wards in general hospitals.

Prior to getting involved in research in 1997, I worked for several years in healthcare, social services and education, working primarily with people with mental health needs and learning disabilities. In this work I gained experience of working for Health Authorities, social services, schools and non-profit organisations, in a variety of roles in both community and inpatient settings. 

  • Qualitative research – interviews, observational methods, focus groups and creative methods.
  • Analysis of qualitative data – including thematic analysis, framework analysis, grounded theory.
  • Survey research (online, postal, telephone, face-to-face) – survey design, implementation, analysis, reporting.
  • Statistical analysis of quantitative data.
  • Program evaluation – outcomes, process and developmental evaluation, participatory evaluation and action research.
  • Computer applications – SPSS, NVivo, Excel, Access 
  • Project management – experienced in managing large complex studies as well as small projects with tight deadlines.

Postgraduate Diploma in Social Sciences Research Methods, Open University, UK

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, University of Plymouth, UK

Postgraduate Diploma in Mental Health Studies, Portsmouth University, UK

Credentialed Evaluator (CE) designation, Canadian Evaluation Society – From 2019/09/13

Canadian Evaluation Society (Member) – From 2018/03/28

American Evaluation Society (Member) – From 2018/03/30

British Psychological Society (MBPsS) – From 2015/05/11

Social Research Association (Member) (until 2017)

Research Consultant and Owner at Qualitas Research (from 2012)

Senior Researcher, Faculty of Health & Social Sciences, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK (2009-2012)

Research and Evaluation Officer, Greater Manchester Probation Trust, UK (2008-2009)

Research Consultant, Age UK (national charity, UK) (2003-2005)

Research Officer, Age UK, London, UK (1998-2002)

Research Assistant, Age UK, London, UK (1997)

College of Mental Health Pharmacy (CMHP) Research Award, Sept 2015

LaingBuisson Independent Specialist Care Award, Supported Living Category, Evaluation of the Leeds independent living project, 12 March 2014

TPAS Excellence in Working Together Award, Evaluation of the Leeds independent living project, 3 May 2013

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