Publications and Reports

Survey of the mental health literacy of community pharmacistsThis cross-sectional survey examined the mental health literacy (MHL) of community pharmacists. We compared MHL and stigma for three different mental health conditions.

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Stanley Park SurveyData analysis for the Stanley Park Response to COVID-19 Survey, for Vancouver Park Board. This work involved cleaning and analyzing the data collected from a web survey of 10,859 respondents.

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Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre SocietyAn evaluation of a bicycle mechanic training program for aboriginal people, for Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society. This project included the collection and analysis of data from several surveys.

Canadian Cancer SocietyTwo research projects for the Canadian Cancer Society, British Columbia and Yukon, involving analysis of survey and focus group data to help inform the charity with the development of their regional social media strategy.

Child protection in humanitarian actionWe conducted an international survey of humanitarian workers’ assessment of the Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (CPMS). This study, conducted for PHAP (Geneva, Switzerland), 2018, involved the design and administration of an online survey in four languages to humanitarian workers based in 202 countries.

Greater Manchester ProbationThis consultation survey with Black minority ethnic communities examined their views on the probation service.

A survey of community pharmacists' attitudes towards mental healthThis research study investigated the mental health attitudes of community pharmacists in England and Wales. The survey examined whether provision of pharmaceutical care was associated with pharmacists’ attitudes towards mental illness. This was the first study to investigate British pharmacists’ attitudes towards mental health.

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Kirklees CouncilThis qualitative study examines the impact of bibliotherapy groups on the mental health and well-being of people with severe mental health problems, and older adults with dementia.

Live ChoicesWe conducted an evaluation of an innovative project providing meaningful occupation to homeless and ex-homeless seniors. The project aimed to engage homeless people in sustained activity and facilitate involvement in the community.

The engagement and participation of seniorsWe contributed to the writing of a guide to the engagement and participation of seniors for Age UK Lancashire, as part of their Linking Communities research.

We carried out an evaluation of the Adopter and Practitioner Access pilot for Adoption Match, to assess the performance of the new Adoption Register for the Department for Education.

Survey of sport participationThis survey assessed the level of sport and exercise participation among people in the local community. The survey identified barriers and enablers to participation in sport and exercise.

Age UKThis national survey examined complaints made in relation to the NHS hospital care of seniors in England, UK. The report of the survey gained national press coverage in the Observer in 1997, and various other national newspapers, for ‘uncovering major flaws with the NHS complaints procedure’. The study played a key role in the decision by the Department of Health to launch an independent inquiry into the care of older people on acute wards in general hospitals in the UK. The research was instrumental in initiating a two-year campaign by Help the Aged in collaboration with numerous other national organisations.

CMHPThis qualitative research investigated community pharmacists’ experiences and perceptions of providing pharmaceutical services to patients with severe mental health problems. The research was supported by the College of Mental Health Pharmacy Research Award 2015.

NHSWe conducted qualitative research for the Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust to gain a deeper understanding of patient experience, in three NHS services (district nursing, podiatry and the wheelchair service). We worked with the three services to produce action plans based on the research findings.

Virtual technology evaluationThis mixed methods research evaluated the introduction of virtual conferencing technology implemented by West London and Hounslow CCGs, and funded via the Inner North West London Integrated Care Programme.

BLCWe carried out an evaluation of a Volunteering and Community Engagement project for Better Leeds Communities. The evaluation explored the impact of the project on participants’ mental well-being and future job prospects. This mid-project evaluation helped inform future planning of the project and will also support future fundraising activities.

We worked with the University of Huddersfield on an educational research project to evaluate a workshop for undergraduate pharmacy students. The workshop was designed to form part of the practical work of two modules taught in the second year of the MPharm degree.

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The benefits of meaningful activity for older homeless peopleThis qualitative study for Age UK examined the impact of a range of activities on the mental health and well-being of homeless seniors. Outcomes for homeless people were examined from a range of structured group activities including physical activity and exercise; social, leisure and educational activities. The report of the research findings initiated a small grants program to support work in this area.

Being FamilyWe conducted research to assess the impact of an adoption marketing campaign – ‘Being Family’ – for the Yorkshire and Humber Adoption Consortium, an umbrella organisation of 15 local authorities and 2 voluntary sector agencies in the north of England, UK.

Greater Manchester ProbationThis qualitative study for the Greater Manchester Probation Trust explored disabled offenders’ experiences of probation practice within semi-structured interviews.

Research evaluating an educational intervention for pharmacy studentsWe worked with researchers at the University of Huddersfield to assess the impact of a laboratory practical for undergraduate pharmacy students. To measure impact, a questionnaire was administered to participating students at three points in time: at the beginning of the module, after the lecture on the topic, and after the laboratory experiment.

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Age UKThis study evaluated outcomes from an Alcohol Project for Older Homeless People, based at City and Hackney Alcohol Service. The study examined the effects of counselling, CBT, a support group, relaxation group and complementary therapies, for seniors with mental health needs and alcohol issues.

Journeys out of loneliness for older homeless people: a qualitative research studyThis major qualitative study for Age UK, supported by Bridge House Estates, explored homeless seniors’ experiences of social isolation and pathways into loneliness. A major contribution to an under-researched field, the study initiated the development of three new projects aimed at reducing social isolation and improving the mental health and well-being of older homeless people, and secured funding to set up and develop these projects.

Greater Manchester ProbationThis process evaluation of NDAR, the New Directions Activity Requirement, for Greater Manchester Probation Area, analysed data collected from in-depth interviews with probation staff and questionnaires completed by program participants.

Participatory evaluation of pilot projects for homeless peopleWe carried out a number of action research projects in collaboration with five voluntary sector organisations working with homeless seniors in London. The action research projects evaluated a number of pilot projects including an advice service, a life skill training project, a resettlement project, and a floating support service.