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Qualitative Research Services

Research Consulting Services

Most of our work involves the completion of research projects from start to finish. We can also undertake individual tasks for clients such as data analysis, questionnaire design and desk research. We are very flexible in our approach, and will tailor the work to meet your requirements and budget.

When there is a need for additional resources, or a different skill set, we have a network of research associates, data analysts and statisticians with whom we work on individual projects.

Qualitative Research

Research Services

Qualitative Research

✅ In-depth and semi-structured interviews.

✅ Focus groups by telephone, Zoom, or Skype.

✅ Observation – structured and unstructured.

✅ Creative methods, using photography, art and writing.

Survey Research

✅ Descriptive, correlational, quasi experimental studies

✅ Web and email, mail, face-to-face and telephone surveys

✅ Questionnaire design, sampling, and recruitment

✅ Survey administration, management, and response monitoring

✅ Data management, cleaning and coding

Data Analysis

✅ Quantitative data analysis and visualization using SPSS and Excel.

✅ Qualitative data analysis and interpretation – thematic analysis, grounded theory/ constant comparison method, framework method, and content analysis.

✅ NVivo – coding, developing themes, running coding comparison queries, and data visualization (word maps, hierarchy charts, concept maps), etc.

Desk Research

✅ Secondary analysis of existing data – e.g. from surveys, monitoring systems, documents

✅ Document analysis, thematic analysis with NVivo

✅ Writing literature reviews and research reports


✅ Evaluation of programs, projects, and other initiatives

✅ Summative and formative evaluations

✅ Outcomes evaluation and impact assessment

✅ Process evaluation

✅ Development evaluation

✅ Action research, empowerment and participatory approaches