Survey research collects information about people’s opinions, behaviours, attitudes, values and beliefs, and what influences them, to understand and predict, and inform policy, practice or business decisions.

Survey Consultants in Vancouver


Survey research services

We conduct surveys in a variety of sectors, and with a wide range of audiences. Clients include non profits, public sector organizations and small businesses in Canada. We collect data through online, email, and mail surveys, and use a variety of online survey platforms.

Our experienced survey research consultants will provide the analysis and data visualization required to support your organization’s decision making. We also provide insight by analyzing existing data sets – such as data from surveys you have conducted, or administrative data.

  • Client satisfaction
  • Employee opinions
  • Student feedback
  • Public opinions
  • Public attitudes & behaviour
  • Post event feedback
  • Social marketing

Data analysis

We have expertise in a range of analytical approaches and techniques.

  • We use SPSS, Excel, and other software programs, for the statistical analysis and visualization of survey data.
  • We also conduct thematic, content and text analysis of open-ended survey items.​

Survey consultants

Our experienced survey research consultants are trained to postgraduate level in survey methods and analysis.

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